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2021 Reading Goals

With a new year inevitably comes new goals. I am not generally one to set resolutions for myself but I always enjoy seeing what I can work towards in terms of reading.

As a mood reader, setting TBRs is not my cup of tea but generalized reading goals tend to work well for me. Listed below a a few of the bookish goals that I will work towards for 2021!

1. Goodreads

Of course I will start out with the standard goal of the number of books I hope to read. In 2020 I set my Goodreads goal to be 50 books and I am currently at 72 read. Needless to say, I am fairly pleased with this outcome but am also unsure if I will be able to replicate it for 2021. To err on the side of caution (yet staying optimistic) I aim to read 52 books this year.

2. #ReadWhatYouOwn2021

This is a challenge that I am a part of in my group of Bookstagram friends wherein we are going to focus on reading books that we already own and have been sitting on our shelves just waiting for their time to shine. This is a year-long challenge hosted by @acouplereads over on Instagram and she has a whole slew of templates and prompts to help you choose what you will be reading. I currently have 11 books set aside to work through this challenge and plan on updating as I go through various platforms like here, Instagram and even my Booktube channel (fingers crossed I have time for that last part but I will try!).

3. Read More Canada!

I love being Canadian but I’ve come to realize I don’t read nearly enough from Canadian authors or settings. The ones that I have read have all been coincidental so I would like to make a conscious effort to #ReadTheNorth more frequently. I do already have some authors in mind (Jennifer Robson and Genevieve Graham) but am also hoping to branch out. This is a less quantitative goal but I think the flexibility will help a lot.

4. Read 1 Non-Fiction Per Month

I’m not going to hold myself to this too strictly as some months I’m sure I will read more than one or others I may not be in the mood but I definitely want to focus on more non-fiction. I really don’t have much trouble with reading non-fiction and tend to do so somewhat frequently but I feel like there is plenty more from the genre that I could appreciate.

5. Continue Reading Series I’ve Already Started

Honestly, I’m so bad at this. Whether I start a series right when book 1 is published or wait until all the books are out, it takes me ages to finish a series for the most part. It’s almost like I don’t want it to end or I’m worried I won’t like the ending or I just want to stay in the world longer… but I will put off finishing a series to the point of me even forgetting what happened in the previous book(s). I need to get better at this.

6. Read More Feminist Literature

This genre, to me, includes anything with a strong female character focusing on how she can be every bit as important as any male. This could be fiction or non-fiction, fantasy or contemporary. I want to hear about more women during war, during political movements, basically anything that shows strong women doing their thing.

7. Interact With Bookish Content

Essentially, I want to keep going with making friends in the online bookish community. December 2020 has been my most active online (via Bookstagram) and I have been having so much fun meeting new people, keeping up with various group chats and commenting on Booktube videos. I want to continue this trend into 2021. I have a year-long Bookstagram challenge that I created and feel will be so much fun and I also want to get back into posting content on Booktube as my mind is exploding with ideas… plus I’ve been away for far too long.

8. All The Stats!

I love stats. I love end of year stats, pie charts, averages, mid-year check-ins… basically anything that can be quantified or qualified lol. Keeping up with my own stats though? Oh boy that’s a whole other story. I really want to focus on my reading spreadsheet and making sure I keep track of everything I am reading regularly to that at the end of the year, I have more data than I could possibly need on my reading trends.

So there are my bookish goals for 2021! I have chosen a very random amount (8) but these are all things I feel are doable without going too overboard to the point of being unattainable. Plus who wants to be bogged down with reading expectations when the simply act of reading is so enjoyable in and of itself.

Do you have any bookish goals for 2021?

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