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Blogmas 2021!

Hello and welcome to Blogmas!

… or Bookmas. I can’t quite decide what I want to call this foray into daily content.

So what is Blogmas/Bookmas?

For each day in December, I will be posting here and/or over on my Instagram a series of bookish content. There are a number of posts that I plan on doing including book reviews (I feel like I am forever behind!), lists of favourites and disappointments, stats, goals, reflections, and so much more!

This is inspired by my days back on booktube (which I hope to get back to) when creators would post videos every day leading up to Christmas. I initially thought I would not have enough ideas to fill those 25 days but then I began writing out ideas and was able to fill nearly the whole month. So of course I had to challenge myself.

Last year, I participated in a daily challenge in December over on Instagram and I had a lot of fun following along with the prompts provided by @Daylafm each day. It was a rush to do them on the day but, for this, I want to get as much pre-planned as possible.

I hope that you’re feeling in the festive spirit or, if not, are at least ready for a bunch of content coming your way!

Should we take bets on how long we think I will last? Haha

I’m excited to use this month as a chance to challenge myself while having fun making content!

Look forward to tomorrows post where I will be sharing some festive/wintery reads on my tbr.

Until next time, keep reading!

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