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Did I Read My 2021 Most Anticipated Releases?

This always happens doesn’t it?

Going into a new year with the best intentions to read all of your most anticipated releases but then getting distracted by other books haha.

To be fair, I have a number of these on my shelf waiting to be read but I just haven’t been in the mood to read them yet. And honestly, isn’t that just my M.O.?

So let’s flash back to my Most Anticipated Releases of 2021 video over on YouTube and see how well I did.

The Brass Queen by Elizabeth Chatsworth

Read this one and it definitely lived up to the hype I put in place for it.

Enjoy the View by Sarah Morgenthaler

Whoops. Have not read yet but it’s sitting here waiting for me. I will probably pick this up before Winter is over.

Hall of Smoke by H.M. Long

Not sure why I haven’t grabbed this one yet but I still really want to read it - especially since the sequel is coming out soon!

The Ex Talk by Rachel Lynn Solomon

Recently added to my shelf so I should be able to read it soon.

Much Ado About You by Samantha Young

Read this one and enjoyed it so much! It even had a trope I hate but it did it so well that I could not fault the story for it at all.

A Stranger in Town by Kelley Armstrong

Of course I read this one! I have the eARC of the 7th (and final!) book waiting for me to pick up but I will be so sad for this series to end.

A Lady’s Formula for Love by Elizabeth Everett

Had a lot of fun reading this one and can’t wait for book 2 to come out.

The Paris Dressmaker by Kristy Cambron

I think I may be removing this one from my tbr. It has dual time-line which historically I do not enjoy and I’m not sure if I was in denial about that when I originally made this list haha.

Float Plan by Trish Doller

This was a surprisingly short book and didn’t quite live up to my expectations. Solid read though.

An Unexpected Peril by Deanna Raybourn

Another that I read as soon as it released. I can’t get enough of this series and I recently read book 7 which comes out in February 2022 so now I have to wait over a year for the next installment!

Namesake by Adrienne Young

Entertaining and a solid read but not mind-blowing.

To Love and to Loathe by Martha Waters

Realized this was book 2 so I read book 1 this year and wasn’t really into it. We shall see if I continue one and actually read this one.

Letters Across the Sea by Genevieve Graham

It’s sitting here waiting for me to be in the mood to be emotionally destroyed haha!

The Road Trip by Beth O’Leary

One of my most disappointing reads of 2021 to be honest *sigh*.

People We Meet on Vacation by Emily Henry

Haven’t been in the mood for this one but I have it waiting on standby.

The Lights of Prague by Nicole Jarvis

Another that I may remove from my tbr because it has vampires… I’m not really into that side of fantasy.

The Heart Principle by Helene Hoang

Shamefully I still haven’t read The Bride Test!

Portrait of a Scotsman by Evie Dunmore

Not as good as the first 2 in this series, unfortunately. I’m still trying to figure out what went wrong with this one.

Very Sincerely Yours by Kerry Winfrey

Enjoyable and loved Everett St. James as a leading man but there was something about Teddy that I just could not jive with.

So there were 19 total books that I was eager to read this year and I ended up actually getting to 10 of them. So just over 50% which isn’t great but also not awful haha. Admittedly, 2 of those probably shouldn’t have been included in the first place and 1 of them was a sequel (but I did read the first book!).

How did you do with reading your most anticipated releases for 2021?

Stay tuned for my most anticipated releases for 2022!

(Hopefully I will do better next year haha)

Until next time, keep reading!

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