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January: "Life" and "Death" (2023 Buzzword Readathon)

As a fan of Booktube (and periodic contributer), read-a-thons have always been a staple on the platform. Not all of them last, but one that has returned annually for the last few years was created by one of my favourite booktubers - Booksandlala.

The Buzzword readathon (or Buzzwordathon) focuses on themes or words each month where you read books that include those in the title. Kayla explains everything much better in her video so be sure to watch it if you want some more detail and some of her recommendations.

The rules of this read-a-thon are relatively flexible but a few options are:

  • Only read books that match the theme for that particular month

  • Read 1 book each month that matches that month's theme

  • Use the themes as guides to broader titles (i.e. "Life" could also be books that include "living" in the title)

This year, I will endeavour to find books on my physical TBR (check out my last post about prioritizing my TBR this year) that match with the monthly themes but I also want to offer some examples of titles to help you pick your reads.

So, each month (we shall see how long this lasts haha) I will make a short list of some titles that I have already read. I will try not to pick obvious ones to offer some variation to the recommendations you may be used to seeing.

January's theme is: Titles that include "life" and/or "death"

What book(s) did you choose for this month's theme?

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