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Read my TBR challenge! (tracker templates included)

If you’ve been here a little while, you may recall that I participated in the #ReadWhatYouOwn2021 challenge hosted by my friend @acouplereads on Instagram. The idea behind this challenge is pretty much what you would expect - to read what you own.

I started 2021 with 44 books and ended reading about 31 of those (thank you Instagram Highlights for confirming haha). At the time, I thought 44 was a LOT and I was happy to get through so many BUT I definitely did not stop buying books during that time. I don’t even remember how many books I still owned and hadn’t read at the start of 2022.

For 2023, I am hoping to truly prioritize reading the physical books on my TBR that I already own and not go too crazy with the new book buying until I have gotten through the majority of them. This isn’t to say it is bad to have a massive TBR or that it’s bad to keep buying books, I just feel like I want to reduce my TBR shelf a bit because…

I have started 2023 with 71 books on my shelves that I have not read yet.

Quite a bit more than the 2021 number that had me so worried haha.

There are still new releases this year that I desperately want to read close to their release dates which I will make concessions for but, for the most part, I’m being strict on buying new books. I even went to Chapters the other day and didn’t buy a single book! I did save some titles that intrigued me though so I can get them later haha.

We are almost halfway through January and I am happy to say that I have already finished 2 books and am halfway through my 3rd and 4th (1 physical read and 1 on audio).

If you want to join along and track what you’ve read off of your TBR, I made some Instagram story templates saved in my IG Highlights as well as at the end of this post. You can fill your numbers each month and I have 2 versions of a monthly wrap-up depending on if you want to use images of the book covers or if you want to write them in.

I can’t wait to see what my shelves look like at the end of the year and if my tastes are still the same as when I had originally bought the books. That being said, I will not hesitate to DNF if I need to!

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